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Restaurants In Victoria Falls

Restaurants in Victoria Falls

There is an abundance of choice of restaurants in Victoria Falls. You are sure to find one that tempts your tastebuds and a few that will expand your eating horizons.

Experience Mouth-Watering Restaurants in Victoria Falls

This is exciting!
If you are reading this post – it means you are already in Victoria Falls and looking for somewhere to eat (hope you are having an extraordinary time!!)
Or – you are planning your visit to this amazing place. In this case, we cannot encourage you more to experience this unforgettable destination.
The Victoria Falls is one of the most popular tourist travel destinations in Africa.
As a result travelers arrive all year round from all over the world. This melting pot of cultural travelers all finds great restaurants and eateries to satisfy their appetites after a long day out and about.
There are plenty of places to tickle your tastebuds.
For such a small town there is an amazing array of places to eat in Victoria Falls and experience African cuisine. Get both traditional and mainstream options.
Whether you are vegetarian or vegan or have any other food preferences, there is something for everyone.
So don’t worry – you will not go hungry. Sumptuous meals are available for everyone, no matter what your preferences.

Hotel Restaurants

Victoria Falls Safari Lodge Dining
Victoria Falls Safari Lodge
I would say that every hotel in Victoria Falls has its own dining restaurant.
So you do not need to go very far for a good meal, especially for breakfast. A good, hearty breakfast is essential here – there is a lot to do and see during your day.
Most hotels will have breakfast included in their booking fare. So take advantage of this fact.
Opt for a light lunch midday and a relaxing, enjoyable dinner out and about in the town in the evenings.
What a great way to unwind!

In and Around Town Eateries

In and Around Town Eateries
Dusty Road

If you feel like a change of scene for a few meals – the following list will help you choose where to go.

The variety of eateries is boundless, some providing top class cuisine that rivals anywhere in Europe. And getting to and fro from these establishments is easy with a taxi. Speak to your hotel or lodge and they can organise one for you.

There are several cheaper options for light lunches – some with staggering views of the gorge, the beautiful zambezi river or of the rising spray from the Falls.

Dinners are the most varied meal of the day because of all the choices available – from fine dining to casual options.

Find beautifully crafted restaurants, intimate more casual eateries and good old fashioned pubs and bars that serve hearty dishes with fries and cold beers.

Whatever your preference, you will find it.

Romantic Dinner Experiences Further Afield

If you are looking for a little something that will be extra-special, then you can book these options.
Dinner under the stars in a beautiful location, a meal floating on a riverboat after a glorious sunset, a night game drive with meal combined.
River Cruise Dinner
River Cruise Dinner
Truly unique African experiences that will take your breath away.
Culinary delights are to be found everywhere – you just need to know where to go.
That being said – let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of what is out there and find the best restaurants in Victoria Falls.

Where To Eat In Victoria Falls



Dean’s Victoria Falls is a casual dining restaurant located in the sunny courtyard of the Elephants Walk Shopping & Artist Village.

The Three Monkeys

The Three Monkeys

Restaurant and cocktail bar in the heart of Vic Falls!

The River Brewing Co

The River Brewing Co

Serves lunch, dinner, drinks and coffee

Pariah State

Pariah State

Pariah State Victoria Falls is a casual dining, Al Fresco restaurant, pizzeria & bar

Dusty Road

Dusty Road Township Experience

Dusty Road Township Experience – is a unique traditional dining experience in the heart of Victoria Falls. Get a taste of the vibrant local lifestyle and culture while enjoying real artisanal food cooked from a Zimbabwean kitchen.

Zambezi House

Zambezi House

Afro-Chic inspired Restaurant & Cafe with a relaxed, upbeat atmosphere positioned along the majestic Zambezi River in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

Indabelly Restaurant and Bar

Indabelly Bar and Cafe, a family friendly restaurant in the heart of the Vic Falls which serves game stews, western dishes as well as traditional dishes.

Nam Took Restaurant

The restaurant specialises in Thai and Chinese cuisine and is located in one of the most enticing shopping malls in Victoria Falls.

Lola's Tapas & Carnivore Restaurant

African-Europe fusion of traditional Tapas. Variety of game meat carved at your table.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there vegan or vegetarian restaurants in Victoria Falls?

There are several restaurants that serve vegetarian and/or vegan dishes. There is no dedicated eatery for this style of a meal - so these dishes are all served at establishments that also serve meat dishes.

How many restaurants are there in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe?

There are approximately 44 restaurants situated in the Victoria Falls area. This number includes restaurants in both Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Is there an Indian restaurant in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe?

There is an Indian eatery in Livingstone, Zambia and a recently opened Indian cuisine restaurant in Victoria Falls town. There is also a Thai cuisine establishment in the center of town.

Are there local restaurants that serve traditional African food in Victoria Falls?

There are several good quality establishments that serve traditional meals with local specialties. A lot of these will also provide traditional entertainment and dancers at the evening meals.

Can you buy western food in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe?

Yes - western and European food is available throughout the whole of Zimbabwe. The supermarkets and restaurants all cater for western meals.

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