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Victoria Falls Tourist Information

The following pages will provide Victoria Falls tourist information and tips about the Falls, its surrounds and facilities.

The key to enjoying any holiday is to be well-informed about your destination and have all the necessary information required to plan and enjoy your trip.

Victoria Falls Tourist Information

Victoria Falls Viewing Point

Victoria Falls Tourist Information and Tips

The Waterfall is Zimbabwe’s main tourist attraction and brings tourists into the country from every conceivable destination on the planet. This Natural Wonder of the World is a phenomenon that is unequalled anywhere and is a geological wonder of nature.

The Falls can be visited from two countries, Zimbabwe and Zambia, as the Zambezi River creates the border between these destinations.

Be informed of the climate of the region and the different weather during the seasons. This will also determine the volume of water flowing over the waterfall at specific times of the year and influence the whitewater rafting season.

Victoria Falls town and International Airport are within easy reach of the waterfall with shopping and restaurants plentiful and suited to all budgets. You will not be denied the pleasure of curio shopping with carvings, hand-crafted goods, textiles and crafts in abundance.

Visa Information

Zimbabwe has 3 visa categories for visitors to the country.

There are also 3 types of visas that you can apply for depending on your type of travel.

Visa Types: 

  • Single Entry
  • Double Entry
  • Multiple Entry

In order to find out more about obtaining a visa please click here.


The currency in Zimbabwe is the United States Dollar. It is advisable to travel with cash into Zimbabwe, but there are ATM’s in Victoria Falls.

Some activities can be paid with Visa / Master card. Presently, we are using the USD as currency – but you can also pay in Rand / Pula / Pound / Euro.


There is a myriad of interesting facts about Zimbabwe, the Zambezi River, the waterfall and its subsequent gorges that culminate in the creation that is the spectacle of this truly awe-inspiring waterfall.




Planning and preparing for your holiday will ensure you have a relaxing, stress-free, enjoyable trip. So make sure you have all your Victoria Falls tourist information to hand before and during your visit.

Visit Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe – a destination of a lifetime.