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The Victoria Falls Bungee Jump

Victoria Falls Bungee Jump

This world famous activity, the Victoria Falls bungee jump, takes place from the equally famous bridge over the zig-zag gorges below the waterfall.

Experience One Of The World’s 15 Highest Bungee Jumps

The bridge sets the scene spanning the incredible gorge within sight of the waterfall, which is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. A setting that cannot be matched anywhere in the world.

The stunning 111-meter bungee jump is a pure adrenaline rush. Listed as one of the world’s 15 highest and most impressive jumping sites, you cannot afford to miss out on this awe-inspiring high adrenaline activity. Also, it is only one of a few bungee jumps set in a natural wonder of the world.

Victoria Falls Bungee Jump

Regularly voted as one of the top five adrenaline experiences worldwide,  it is well worth a try for the adventurous in spirit!

Plummet towards the tumbling rapids within the gorges of the mighty Zambezi River off the center of the Victoria Falls Bridge. The bridge was constructed in 1905 and joins the 2 countries of Zimbabwe and Zambia.

If you bungee during the high water months, you will get the chance to jump through the rainbow created by the sun shining through the spray in the gorge. An unbeatable experience.

The experienced and friendly crew are very patient and will double check everything at your request – just to make you feel more comfortable!

Hosting the original adventure activity, the bridge has been witness to hundreds of thousands of visitors who have taken the plunge over the edge into oblivion.

The bungee jump platform is located in the center of the bridge providing you with unlimited vistas of the gorge and the waterfall.

Bungee Tips

Bridge Jumping Zambezi RiverBear in mind, this activity is not suitable for those with a fear of heights.

Otherwise, it is a fun, safe, adrenaline pumping addition to your holiday of a lifetime.

For the more experienced jumper, request a twist to your ultimate fix off the famous bridge and ask for the option of an Ankle-tied Back-flip or a Star Elevator Jump.

More action on top of the adventure!

The minimum age is 14 years, or those of 40kg in weight and over.

The Victoria Falls bungee jump takes place daily all year round. The only thing that would stop this activity is inclement Victoria Falls weather. Heavy rain will interrupt bungee jumping activities.

Must Do Activities

The Zambezi River is famous for its class 3 to 5 rapids. This activity is regularly voted as one of the top five adrenaline experiences in the world.

The gorge swing is not for the faint of heart. The freefall drop before you begin the huge swing over the gorge is heart stopping.

For the mildly adventurous, this high wire activity is for the whole family. Traverse at high speed over the gorge and view the spectacular sights.

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