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Victoria Falls Gorge Swing

Victoria Falls Gorge Swing

One of the most thrilling experiences is the Victoria Falls Gorge Swing. There are 2 options, one where you take off from the edge of the Batoka Gorge or leap from the famous Victoria Falls Bridge, which is the Bridge Swing over the Gorge.

These options offer 2 different views of the chasm you are leaping into. The Gorge Swing takes you across the width of the gorge whereas the Bridge Swing swings you length wise through the gorge in the direction the bridge faces.

This novel adrenaline activity consists of a giant swing – 95m long and 120m high above the water, with a 70m free fall before you begin swinging.

What is the Victoria Falls Gorge Swing

Experience an adrenaline rush like no other, with the added bonus of having one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World rushing past beside you.

Ever wanted to know what it feels like to fly? Then this is the activity for you!

Take a leap off the edge of a chasm and free fall 70 metres before you begin a giant swing 95 metres long and 120 metres high above water.


A highly-trained team welcome you to the platform and will talk you through the safety instructions.

The harness is first attached to your torso, instead of your ankles as in the bunjee jump, and then the jumping ropes added. At the other end it is attached to the middle of the cable where it pivots. You then leap off the edge of the gorge, free falling before going into the long pendulum type swing as the ropes pivot from the suspended cable.

Where is the Victoria Falls Gorge Swing?

The gorge, situated below the waterfall, is a chasm which has been carved out of the rock by previous positions of the waterfall. This type of huge crevice in the earth is rarely seen anywhere else in the world and is quite an awesome sight to behold. This chasm is 316 metres wide and 120 metres deep at the position where the high wire creates the swing. An impressive and daunting sight when standing on the edge ready to jump.

As you are being winched back up to the platform, after having fearlessly jumped into the gorge, take the opportunity to marvel at the incredible gorge and the power of the churning water that created this phenomenon.

If you want company on your adventure, do a tandem jump! Have double the fun and share the mighty Gorge Swing together.

You will never forget the experience of jumping into the air at the Batoka Gorge!