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Victoria Falls Tourist Attractions

Victoria Falls Tourist Attractions

The Victoria Falls tourist attractions, in and around the waterfall, make this THE activity and cultural destination to visit in Southern Africa. Apart from the main reason for visiting – which is the spectacular waterfall – there are other attractions which will tempt you – and are well worth a visit.

Victoria Falls Tourist Attractions

Rainbow over Victoria Falls

Top Victoria Falls Tourist Attractions

Expand your sightseeing experience from just the waterfall to encompass all this remarkable destination has to offer and enjoy the package this Wonder of the World provides. The sights and sounds, encompassing both the cultural and natural, are extensive – making sure you will find an excursion to suit your temperament, agility and budget.

List of Victoria Falls Tourist Attractions

Victoria Falls Bridge

Zambezi River Bridge

The Bridge over the impressive Gorge

The Bridge is a marvel of construction for its time. The position it holds over the gorge provides a spectacular view of the waterfall.

This bridge offers several high adrenaline adventure activities from its position spanning the magnificent gorge, which are famous worldwide. The most impressive activity being the bungee jump into the gorge below.

The views of the gorge are spectacular from the bridge and give you a true sense of the scale and depth of the chasm.

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The Big Tree

Adansonia Digitata

Adansonia Digitata

Another not to be missed location is the site of the famous giant Baobab Tree, called the “Big Tree”. This is an impressive example of the unusual Baobab species – Adansonia Digitata-  and is definitely worth a visit as you have to see it, to believe the scale that this tree has grown to. There is a long history associated with this attraction dating back to the discovery of the incredible waterfall by David Livingstone.

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The Zambezi River

The Mighty Zambezi

The Mighty Zambezi River with Rainbow

The Zambezi River is an amazing spectacle in itself. The upper river before you reach the waterfall is beautiful and has an abundance of wildlife that can be seen on an excursion on the river. This ‘river of life’ invites you to experience some time on the river itself, either on a river cruise or an excursion to one of the many islands upstream. This is a peaceful stretch of the river before it reaches the waterfall and spills noisily over the edge creating tumbling water that rushes through the gorges as rapids.

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 Victoria Falls Crocodile Farm

Crocodile Farm Victoria Falls

Crocodiles at the Crocodile Farm

A visit to the Crocodile Farm is an experience you will never forget. You many even get to hold a baby nile crocodile if visiting during the hatching season. The farm has hundreds of crocodiles and does a tour around the various crocodile pens with feeding time being one of the highlights. There is also a variety of wild animals, including lion and leopard, who call the nature sanctuary home. Take home some gifts and souvenirs from the Ranch Gift Shop.

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