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Zimbabwe National Parks

Zimbabwe National Parks

Although not all of the Zimbabwe National Parks are mentioned, the parks showcased below are in the immediate vicinity of the waterfall, and are within easy reach from the town in order for you to experience your African bush safari.

Zimbabwe National Parks

Watering Hole

Zimbabwe boasts 10 National Parks throughout the country, all of which offer an incredible variety of wildlife and will immerse you in the African bush. Take in the sights – from the world famous elephants of Hwange to the lush green beauty of Mana Pools. There are so many beautiful sights to be seen!

List Of Zimbabwe National Parks Close to Victoria Falls

Hwange National Park

Elephants at Hwange

Elephants at Hwange National Park

Hwange is the largest park in Zimbabwe and is approximately one hour’s drive south from Victoria Falls town. The park is a haven for the famous African Elephant herds that can be seen in abundance during the dry season when large numbers come down to the watering holes in the evenings to drink and cool off in the water.

Other wildlife includes herds of buffalo, zebra, impala, giraffe and various plains game, making up the immense ecology of this park. There are predators in the parks and you may see a pride of lion resting under the shade of trees during the midday heat. Leopards are not so easily sighted as they are more solitary animals, as with cheetah.  But the park boasts the largest group of wild dog or “Painted Dog” in Africa.

There are plenty of accommodation options within the park offering various types and budgets.  Experience the walking safaris and game drives in order to experience the African bush to its fullest.

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 Victoria Falls National Park

Victoria Falls National Park

Vantage point overlooking the Waterfall

This is the most important park as it encompasses the Victoria Falls town, the Waterfall, the Rain Forest and extends along the Zambezi river about 6 kilometers above the falls to approximately 12 kilometers below the waterfall.

This park, above all the others, encompasses all that the Victoria Falls is famous for. This makes it the most visited in the country.

The Zambezi River walk takes you on a walking safari along the riverbanks above the falls with the Waterfall Path showcasing the magnificent Waterfall. The route follows the gorge opposite the waterfall. It provides breathtaking vistas of the different sections of the falls that make up the largest curtain of falling water in the world. The Rainforest is enclosed in this section of the park, with it’s almost permanent rainfall sustaining this marvel of nature.

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 Zambezi National Park

Zambezi National Park

Riverbank on the Zambezi River

This park is just up the river from the waterfall and is one of the most picturesque to visit. Situated on the banks of the Zambezi River it showcases the riverine birdlife as well as the wildlife found in the African savannahs and grasslands, including a wide variety of larger species such as lion, elephant, buffalo, giraffe, zebra and several species of antelope, including eland, kudu, waterbuck, impala, and sable.
Canoe trips are available up the river from a point in the park, enabling you to pass the day getting up close to the Zambezi river and its array of birdlife.

Picnic spots are plentiful along the river bank offering fishing opportunities and beautiful views of the river.

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African Wildlife Sanctuaries

Take advantage of the proximity of these African wildlife sanctuaries to the Falls. Visiting the Zimbabwe National Parks gives you the opportunity to add a safari to the sights and activities you will experience in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe National Parks Contact Details

The e-mail address for National Park reservations:
Tel:  +263 24 2706077/8

You can also contact the following reservations clerks direct:
Christine Mhuriro:
Audrey Maponga:
Sekai Gonyora:

QUERIES: For queries regarding ZimParks fees, please contact The Customer Services Executive:  Choice Mushunje.  E-mail:

Zimbabwe National Parks Reservations

BOOKINGS: Bookings and reservations are available from one year in advance of date of arrival. This is the same for both local and foreign clients.

Payment needs to made in advance with clients treated on a first come first serve basis.

Payments can be made:

  • Via bank transfer (details given on request)
  • Cash at any ZimParks booking office.

PLEASE BE AWARE: there are no facilities at ZimParks Booking Offices for Card payments.

Zimbabwe National Parks Accommodation Fees

  • Accommodation fees are for overnight stays in the ZimParks lodges, chalets, cottages, camping and picnic facilities
  • Firewood is provided after payment
  • Bookings for seven consecutive nights in Parks accommodation are entitled to a 10% discount
  • Accommodation fees include a 2% tourism levy and 15% VAT for both locals and foreigners
  • Camping and picnic fees are charged per site. Sites range from a maximum of 6 people and 2 vehicles to exclusive and undeveloped sites with a maximum of 12 people and 3 vehicles
  • All children (6-12 years) camping fees are 50% of the adult fee
  • Educational tours groups are charged 50% of normal camping fees
  • Accommodation is charged per lodge per night

Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellation prior to 14 days of arrival- 50% refund
  • Cancellation within 14 days of arrival –   No refund
  • Booking alteration prior to 30 days – 15% admin fees