Elephant back safaris in Victoria Falls take you on never-to-be-forgotten elephant rides on one of the most majestic and largest animals in Africa, the African Elephant.

Memorable Encounter With Elephant Back Safaris In Victoria Falls

This unforgettable elephant encounter allows you to interact with the elephants and get a closer insight into the world of these intelligent gentle giants.

This ecologically friendly game viewing method takes you on an enjoyable silent ride through game trails seeing the famous African grasslands and wildlife from an entirely unique perspective.

Even though the African elephant is the largest land mammal on the planet, he is a silent mover through the African landscape as his unique feet cushion their enormous weight and almost no sound is made on the dry dusty ground.

This fact allows you to get up close to other elephants and view buffalo, zebra, wildebeest, giraffes, and a variety of other wildlife.

Seated on top of the wide expanse of the elephants back in a specially made seat, you will enjoy a unique game viewing experience on your African elephant safari.

Gain respect for these incredible mammals as well as appreciate the feeling of being one with the vast African landscape and all the beauty it has to offer.

Book Your Elephant Ride

Most tour operators offer a daily sunrise safari and an evening elephant ride around the protected game parks with time to feed the elephants and interact with them.

There is another highlight of an elephant back safari which is both educational and extremely humbling – being able to get so close to these enormous animals.

Elephant Back Safaris In Zimbabwe

African Elephant Facts

  • The African elephant is larger than the Asian elephant and have bigger ears and tusks than their Asian counterparts.
  • Their trunk is used not only for breathing, but drinking and grabbing objects and leaves or branches. The tusks are used as weapons and for digging in the mud or dust. Their large ears are used to control body temperature by flapping them and when angry or threatened they are used to show their emotions.
  • Elephants are very family oriented and several family groups will socialise together. The females or cows live in family groups of either one female and her calves or else several related females stay together with all their offspring. Every group is headed by a matriarch, who is in charge and is often the oldest of the herd.
  • The calves are very precious in a herd and will stay with their mothers for up to three years.
  • Elephants are long lived and can reach up to 70 years of age in the wild.
  • They can communicate over long distances and within the herd using touch, sight, smell, and sound to interact.
  • Elephants are very intelligent mammals and show extreme emotion for dying or dead individuals.

Other Wildlife Activity Options

Besides elephant back safaris in Victoria Falls, there are other interactive activities with animals on offer.

A visit to the Victoria Falls Crocodile Farm is a popular option, as well as walking with lions. A different crocodile option is going cage diving with an adult Nile crocodile.

All these activities will bring you into close contact with wild animals.

Must Do Activities

The Big Tree

Visit this huge baobab tree that is over 1 500 years old. It is 20 meters high and over 16 meters in circumference. Seeing this tree is believing!

Bridge Tour

Find out all about the history and construction of this impressive landmark. Take a walk under the bridge and take in the stunning views.

Crocodile Farm

Get up close and personal with a Nile crocodile. See their life cycle from hatchlings to huge beasts. Feeding time is a good time to visit!