Things To Do In Victoria Falls

There are plenty of things to do in Victoria Falls, both in and around the waterfall. This is THE activity and cultural destination to visit in Southern Africa.


Top 4 Things To Do In Victoria Falls

Apart from the main reason for visiting – which is the spectacular waterfall – there are other attractions which will tempt you. And they are well worth a visit.

Expand your sightseeing experience from just the waterfall to encompass all this remarkable destination has to offer. Enjoy the package this Wonder of the World provides.

Things To Do In Victoria Falls

The sights and sounds, encompassing both the cultural and natural, as well as the Victoria Falls history, are extensive.

You are sure to find an excursion to suit your temperament, agility, and budget.

The attractions below showcase the top 4 things to do at Victoria Falls during your visit.

Visit All The Tourist Attractions

Victoria Falls Bridge

The Bridge is a marvel of construction for its time. It should definitely be on the top of your sightseeing list.

The Big Tree

Visit the famous giant Baobab Tree, called the “Big Tree”. This tree has to be seen to be believed.

Statue Of Livingstone

The statue of David Livingstone pays tribute to the discoverer of the mighty waterfall.

The Zambezi River

This incredibly beautiful river flows over the waterfall, crashing into the steep gorges.

Victoria Falls Bridge

Zambezi River Bridge

The Bridge is a wonderful construction considering its position and the era in which it was built. The position it holds over the gorge provides a spectacular view of the waterfall and gives you a true sense of the scale and depth of the chasm.

This bridge offers several high adrenaline adventure activities which are famous worldwide. The most impressive activity being the bungee jump into the gorge.

The Big Tree

Adansonia Digitata

The “Big Tree” is a giant Baobab tree found not far from the Zambezi river above the waterfall.

This is an impressive example of the unusual Baobab species – Adansonia Digitata – and is definitely worth a visit. You have to see it, to believe the scale of this tree.

It is a long history dating back to the discovery of the incredible waterfall by David Livingstone.

The Zambezi River

The Mighty Zambezi

The Zambezi River is an amazing spectacle in itself.

This ‘river of life’ invites you to experience some time on the river itself, either on a river cruise or an excursion to one of the many islands upstream.

This is a peaceful stretch of the river before it reaches the waterfall and spills noisily over the edge.

The Statue Of David Livingstone

Livingstone Discovers Victoria Falls

David Livingstone was an intrepid explorer who spent 33 years travelling through the African bush. Starting in Namibia in 1853 he made his way to Angola and back.

He then started another expedition, this time following the Zambezi River to the Mozambique coastline.

It was on this journey that he discovered Victoria Falls.

The local Makololo tribe had a name for this natural spectacle even then – Mosi-oa-tunya. The meaning is ‘the thundering smoke’ or ‘the smoke that thunders‘.

The thundering noise the waterfall makes and the rising spray from the chasm fits the description precisely.

You can find his statue overlooking the Devil’s Cataract on the Zimbabwe side of the waterfall.

You can choose to go sightseeing at all or just a few of these tourist attractions. Some embody the strength of human spirit to achieve greatness, while others showcase the beauty and resilience of nature over the millennia.

If you are looking for more information on what to do in Victoria Falls – visit the activities page. There is plenty to choose from.