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Travelling to Victoria Falls Guide

Victoria Falls Traveller provides information on the waterfall, the weather forecast as well as showcases the many activities available to travellers of all ages. We also offer many facts about this natural landmark.  The Falls, the town and surrounding national parks have many sights, activities and attractions to make your stay a memorable one. All in all this destination is a must on your African travels itinerary. AND… Zimbabwe is safe to travel to! You can enjoy your holiday and move around to any destination with no worries, you will not encounter any problems with safety issues. Zimbabweans are notoriously friendly and easy to talk to!! We would advise you, however, to bring cash (in US$ preferably) with you. Many activities and excursions give a discount for cash, and although there are ATM’s (cash machines) you may not always be able to get cash from them.

  • Visa and Mastercard facilities are available at most establishments.
  • US$ is the most used currency, but Euros, Rands, Pula and Pounds are accepted.

So … let’s get on to what you can see and do at this exceptional destination!

The Mighty Waterfall

This amazing destination is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World and is protected as a Unesco World Heritage Site. The Falls is a destination that you cannot miss on your African travels.  This beautiful and awe-inspiring natural phenomenon is found on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. The fourth largest river on the African continent, The Mighty Zambezi River, plummets over a knife-edge here. This almighty cascade of water creates one of the world’s greatest attractions, the largest waterfall in the world.By the time the Zambezi River reaches the waterfall, the river is over 1,708 metres wide. The waterfall itself reaches a height of 108 metres at its highest point, both these facts gives the falls the distinction of being the largest curtain of falling water on the planet. By travelling to Victoria Falls, you will be viewing one of the most amazing places of interest in Africa. give you some interesting information about the waterfall. It was discovered by David Livingstone, the famous explorer. He was shown the waterfall by the local tribe in the area, who called it “Mosi-oa-Tunya” – The Smoke That Thunders. This describes the incredible mist and spray the waterfall generates when falling into the abyss of the gorge. The gorges are a spectacular sight with the boiling waters from the waterfall flowing through the zigzagging series of 5 gorges. These were created by millions of tonnes of water eroding the soft sandstone between hard basalt cracks. This erosion created a series of different waterfalls over the millennia. The Devils Cataract is the start of a new fissure. The rock at the cataract is slowly being eroded by the turbulent waters over the falls. The erosion will eventually create a new waterfall, thus creating a new gorge in the next millennia.
Victoria Falls Accommodation

Where To Stay

There is a wide variety of accommodation available catering for all budgets. You can choose to stay conveniently in the town or in the surrounding national parks.

Where To Eat In Victoria Falls

Where To Eat

Choose from high class eateries in the town and 5-star hotels or visit local take-aways in the town. Sample some traditional meals with local delicacies.

Visa Requirements for Zimbabwe

Visa Requirements

Before you travel make sure you have all your paperwork in order. Get all the information you need for a visa into Zimbabwe including port of entry prices.


You will find a wide variety of accommodation available when looking to book before travelling to Victoria Falls.  There is a price range and style of accommodation to suit you and your budget. Types of accommodation range from five-star hotels to self-catering lodges, backpacking and camping.  The wildlife parks showcase a wide variety of African wildlife with organised game drives and bush walks always on offer. These will allow you to experience the unspoiled natural bush first hand and sight the wildlife up close.

Adrenaline Activities

The attractions in this adventure capital of Southern Africa rival any adrenaline activities you will find anywhere in the world.

On your African travels you will be hard-pushed to find any other destination that has so much to offer all in one place.

The waterfall lies on one of the longest African rivers in the world, the Zambezi River. After the falls, it carves its way through the earth creating deep gorges. The gorges allow the tumbling water to wend its way through to quieter waters lower down the river. The gorges create Class 5 rapids providing some of the best whitewater rafting in the world. The Bridge hosts the unrivalled 111m bungee jump into the gorge below. The Bridge also offers you a stunning view of the falls.  There is a host of exciting Victoria Falls activities and excursions to do on the Zambezi River itself. Experience the river with sightseeing excursions, white water rafting and canoeing.

Your African Travels Questions Answered

Visiting this heart-stopping sight of natural beauty is a trip of a lifetime. Experiencing this amazing force of nature is an experience you will never forget.

Hopefully, throughout our pages, you will find all the information about travelling to Victoria Falls that you were looking for – and more!

We wish you happy reading  – and would love to see you here in the near future!

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