The Victoria Falls National Park is the most visited sanctuary in Zimbabwe as it encompasses a world wonder – the Victoria Falls waterfall.

Victoria Falls National Park Zimbabwe

Where Is Victoria Falls National Park?

At a size of 2300ha (5680 acre) the Vic Falls National Park extends along the Zambezi river below the larger Zambezi National Park.

The park extends from about 6 kilometres above the falls to about 12 kilometers below the waterfall.

Victoria Falls National Park Map

Victoria Falls National Park Map

How Many Tourists Visit Victoria Falls Each Year?

The number of tourists visiting the Victoria Falls, as with any other tourist destination, varies according to political stability and world economics. Lately, the worldwide Covid epidemic is a good example of how tourism can be affected by unforeseen circumstances.

In normal circumstances, the number of visitors visiting the famous waterfall varies from approximately 400 000 to 1 million per year.

After the travel ban was lifted, travel to Victoria Falls has grown to pre-epidemic numbers with visitors arriving daily to view and enjoy the panoramic scenes the waterfall offers.

Which Country Has The Best View?

Viewing the waterfall from the Zimbabwe side is definitely the better option.

Most of the waterfall is viewable from the Victoria Falls National Park, you will see in all their glory the 5 sections of the waterfall. The Eastern Cataract that is on the Zambian side of the border is viewable from Zambia but the rest of the waterfall cannot be seen.

Therefore the only view of the whole waterfall is to be seen from Zimbabwe.

Walk The Length Of The Waterfall In Victoria Falls National Park

The Victoria National Park Zimbabwe has plenty to offer and contains the attraction that most of the visitors to the area want to experience – The Victoria Falls.

Here we have broken down the parts of the park into the sections you will experience on your excursion.

  • The Waterfall Path
  • The Rain Forest
  • Zambezi River Walk

The Waterfall Path

The entrance to the walk along the waterfall is approximately 1 kilometre from the town centre. The walk takes you along the top of the gorge on a winding path facing the waterfall.

There are 15 viewing points that open up to reveal the magnificent panoramas of the world-famous Victoria Falls or Mosi-oa-Tunya exposing the Victoria Falls geology.

Waterfall Path View

On standing in front of this thunderous spectacle, you will appreciate how apt is the description “The Smoke that Thunders”.

A point known as Cataract View is one of the most dramatic views of the walk with Danger Point coming a close second. This section has a sheer, unfenced 100m drop giving you a totally unspoiled view of the waterfall.

From there, you can follow a side path leading to a view of the Bridge over the gorge.

The Rain Forest

The Victoria Falls rain forest is one of the most interesting features of the walk. This is famous for the permanent spray from the waterfall, which creates the rain that creates this wonderful eco-system.

Rainforest Walk

This little piece of tropical paradise includes ferns, palms, liana vines, and a number of trees such as mahogany not seen elsewhere in the region.

Be prepared to get wet, particularly in summer, as you will get soaked. It is advisable to hire an umbrella or raincoat and remember to protect your cameras!

If you would like to find out how Victoria Falls was formed – click on the link for an interesting read.

Zambezi River Walk

The quiet peace of the Zambezi River above the Falls is in stark contrast to the power and noise of the waterfall a few kilometres down from the boundary of the Park.

Zambezi River Shoreline

The numerous islands with their fan-palms allow easy access for the elephant to cross the river between Zimbabwe and Zambia, with the hippos using them regularly to feed and have a rest.

The walk takes you on a peaceful meander along the river bank and is a must for bird lovers. You may even come across some wildlife coming down to the river for a drink or sheltering in the undergrowth.

Victoria Falls National Park Entrance Fee

CategorySingle Entry Fee
International VisitorsUS$50
SADC VisitorsUS$30
Lunar Tour (all visitors)US$100
Children 12 to 6 years50% of adult fee
Children under 6 yearsFree

Victoria Falls National Park Opening Hours

  • Summer (From September to April): 6am – 6pm
  • Winter (From May to August): 6:30am – 6pm

Do I Need A Visa To Visit Victoria Falls?

In order to visit Victoria Falls you need to enter Zimbabwe or Zambia. To enter these countries you may need a visa depending on the country your passport is issued under. For information on visa requirements for Zimbabwe please follow this link:

If you are staying in Zimbabwe you do not need a visa to enter the Victoria Falls National Park to view the falls.

You are required, however, to pay the entrance fee to enter the park.

If you are visiting Zimbabwe from Zambia to see the waterfall, a visa is required to cross the bridge into Zimbabwe depending on the passport you are carrying. If you plan to return to Zambia, you will also require a new visa to do so.

You are also required to pay the entrance fee to get into the park and view the waterfall along the rainforest walk.