Victoria Falls Town

Victoria Falls Town is small with a compact town centre which offers lots of souvenir shops, restaurants, and takeaways.

About Victoria Falls Town

As well as the usual tourist gift shops and food establishments the town is full of travel agents and tour operators.

Here you can book a huge variety of activities that are on offer in and around the town and waterfall that are suitable for all age groups. The travel agents offer excursions into neighbouring Zambia and Botswana too. Take advantage of the day trips offered and experience the many sightseeing opportunities these adjacent wildlife sanctuaries provide.

A phenomenon of the town is the wildlife that can often be seen wandering through the streets. Warthogs are a common sight, as well as monkeys.

The biggest show-stopper however is the elephants as they stroll through the streets, halting traffic and pedestrians (locals and tourists alike) as they wander through to their destination. Normal activity resumes once they have found their way back into the bushveld from whence they came.

Shopping For Souvenirs

Famous Shona Sculptures

There are plenty of opportunities to find a bargain, and with a little haggling, you will be able to negotiate a good deal from the many curio sellers.

The curio markets have many stalls from which you may select hand-carved wood and stone statues and trinkets. Most of these carvings are created by local craftsmen who have an abundance of natural talent and ability. You will definitely find something to suit your budget. Choose from small intricately carved ornaments to large sculptures that will have to be shipped to their country of destination.

Zimbabwe is famous for its Shona stone carvings and you will find plenty of examples of this art in the markets. Traders are generally happy to negotiate – so try your luck!

Paintings and batiks are plentiful. You will find paintings from local artists in the area as well as from the more internationally well-known Zimbabwean artists from all over the country.

Find jewellery made from local stones, seeds, and natural materials, as well as tourist t-shirts, books, and postcards.

In the Elephant Walk Shopping Centre (pictured above) you will find upmarket curio shops and eateries. Displayed in the central areas are some local craftsmen displaying their wares too.

Additionally, at the entrance to the Victoria Falls National Park – which is the entrance to the Waterfall Walk and the spectacular views – is a fascinating market (shown below) with all sorts of local crafts. There is a good selection of curios with very friendly and helpful traders plying their wares.

What To Do In The Falls

Take the time to explore Victoria Falls town as it hosts many shops and a few central activities to pass the time.

One of them is the crocodile cage diving located in the centre of the town. Experience a grown crocodile up close and in their natural habitat – water.

A little further afield is the crocodile farm which takes you through the fascinating life of the crocodile. See them start their life as eggs, then hatchlings right through to the huge fully grown monsters.

From the Victoria Falls Hotel, you can start a bike tour that will take you on a 13km cycle around the sights of the area.

Play a game of golf at the 18 hole golf course at the Elephant Hills Hotel, which was designed by Gary Player. It is one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world. Don’t let the kudu, warthog, waterbuck, and other animals wandering the golf course put you off your swing!!

Another excursion to consider is visiting Livingstone in Zambia. It is a historic colonial town situated 10km south on the opposite bank of the Zambezi river. You can easily access Livingstone over the bridge with a day pass.

There are a large variety of places to eat out at. You can choose from a selection of upmarket restaurants and traditional African buffets – for the adventurous palettes. There are also plenty of fast food outlets, takeaways, and coffee shops. You will certainly find something to suit you budget and taste.


Most of the Victoria Falls accommodation is in the town or within easy walking distance from the suburbs. Taxi cabs are plentiful and affordable if you don’t feel like the walk though!

There is a selection of lodges and hotels that are on the outskirts of the town but there is a shuttle service that runs regularly on this route. This means you will not be stranded and allows for easy and regular transportation.

There are a variety of types of accommodation to suit all budgets.

Camping and self-catering facilities are plentiful, with backpacking well catered for.

Bed and breakfasts, as well as hotels, range through all the star ratings, both in the centre and on the outskirts.

The entrance to the waterfall is also an easy walk from the shopping centre, making it an extremely easy destination to get around and visit.