The Victoria Falls Bridge Tour is the perfect experience for families to do together and gives you the opportunity to get onto the bridge and see the waterfall and the gorge without taking part in the heart-stopping high-adrenaline activities associated with the Bridge experience.

Victoria Falls Bridge Tour

The Heart Stopping Victoria Falls Bridge Tour

This tour provides an entertaining and historical introduction on the history of this steel Bridge given by an actor playing the part of Georges Imbault, who was the chief construction engineer when it was built.

He provides a very informative and interesting narrative on the construction of the Victorian structure in 1904, why, and how Cecil John Rhodes planned and actioned this undertaking. He also gives an explanation on why a full locomotive was transported across the gorge before the bridge was completed!

This will keep even the kids interested and enthralled.

The Exciting Part of the Victoria Falls Bridge Tour

 You will then have the rare opportunity to walk on the catwalks beneath the Bridge.

These catwalks were used in the original construction in 1904 and experience a hundred years of superb Victorian engineering.

You will be strapped into harnesses for safety precautions. Your tour guide walks you along the catwalks pointing out interesting facts about Victoria Falls and the bridge. He will also describe the surrounding beauty and point out things of interest about the magnificent gorge you are traversing.

All with the backdrop of the sights and sounds of the waterfall setting the scene.

You may more than likely have the opportunity to see a bungee jump up close while marveling at the views.

Tour Description

The tour lasts for one and half hours up to two and a half hours depending on the package you book.

The Victoria Falls Bridge Tour can be combined with light lunch & refreshments at the Bridge Café.

The tour includes return transfers from your hotel.

This activity is suitable for all ages with a minimum age of 10 years for the walk under the bridge, and it is definitely not suitable for people with a fear of heights.

It is not advisable for ladies to wear skirts due to the safety harnesses.

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