The Victoria Falls zip line has the distinction of being the second-longest in Africa over the breathtaking beauty of the Batoka Gorge below the magnificent cascading waterfall.

Victoria Falls Zip Line

Experience The High Wire Zip Line

The Victoria Falls Zip Line is perfect for the mildly adventurous.

This activity is an exciting and fun-filled activity that is perfect for all ages, from the spritely elderly to young children. Smaller children are harnessed with their parents or guardians in a double harness so they can still experience this wonderful high wire adventure safely.

The slide takes you from Zambia to Zimbabwe at an incredible speed, so be sure to take in the sights as you are crossing!

Description and Statistics

This gorge zipline is 425 metres long and suspended 120 metres over the gorge. Standing on the edge of the crevice with a big drop beneath you is a little nerve-wracking!

But the experience is definitely worth the overcoming of the nerves.

To start, you are strapped into a harness which puts you in a seated position. This harness is attached to a pulley on the high tensile line which spans the gorge. 

You are then propelled on a sliding descent either to the famous Victoria Falls Bridge or across the gorge lower down from the bridge – depending on the company you booked with. Both zip lines accelerate to a speed of approx 106 km to 110 km per hour.

This makes them one of the fastest high-wire activities you can experience anywhere.

The zip slide operates daily unless the weather prohibits the activity.

The Victoria Falls Zip Line is definitely not suitable for people with a fear of heights.

Must-Do Activities

Gorge Swing At Victoria Falls


This adventure is not for the faint of heart. Dropping off the cliff edge before you begin the swing is heart-stopping. Definitely an adrenaline rush.


Bridge Tour Victoria Falls


Find out all about the history and construction of this impressive landmark. Take a walk under the bridge and take in the stunning views.


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